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    Celicon Toilets..Quality Solutions For
    School, Urban & Rural Households
    Low Cost
    Easy to Assemble
    Sturdy Construction
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    Eco Friendly:
    Ease of Handling
    Material Savings
    Fire Protection
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    Less Cost- More Profit
    Reduction in dead load
    Thermal Insulation
    Speedier Construction

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Celicon building systems (I) Pvt Ltd is an initiative for Green future. Our vision is to provide sustainable, ecofriendly, economical products to Building Industry saving precious soil cover and forest cover.

Our vision is to effect societal change by adopting very simple but effective technologies to make construction more economical, faster and eco-friendly.

Celicon co-founders wish to share their expertise for growth and expansion in other geographies. We wish to encourage more and more people to use this innovative products for a green future.

Substantial reduction in the dead-load of the structure. Saving of steel required for reinforcing foundations and the main structural elements.

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Building elements of CLC can be handled manually in larger dimensions (double size) in comparison with those of dense concrete thereby Saving LABOUR and TIME.