FAQ Page

Just cut the groove using any cutter and chisel it out. Its structure is such that it gives even cutting. After laying pipes it can be finished with cement mortar.

The two main differences are that they are Light Weight and handling is easy despite being big in Size.

It is light and strong. As per IS standards the strength of 3.5 kg/sq. cm is required in Red clay bricks. D-Lite blocks also have the same strength. In addition these blocks continue to add strength over period which doesn’t happen in clay bricks or AAC blocks.

A room has 4 walls. Say 10 feet x 10 feet x 4 = 400 sft. Deduct area for window and door which would be approximately 40 sft. i.e 360 sq ft of wall area. Since each block is of 2 Sq. Ft., hence 360 / 2 = 180 blocks. This is the quantity of blocks that you require and unlike clay bricks, here you don’t have to provide for half burnt, TUKDA, wastage. Also these blocks can be cut using SAW hence accurate sizing is possible on site. Just add 2-4 blocks [ 1 to 2 % ] for contingencies. Hence no additional provision is required.

If you compare brick to brick it appears costlier. But if you consider total cost of construction you may end up saving upto 10 % in cost. PLUS you can save on time and ADD to it the Power cost you will save in summer because of heat insulation properties. 3 in ONE Advantage means Fayda hi Fayda.

In case of clay bricks due to its uneven size and shape it becomes compulsory to give a plastered surface. For D-lite blocks you may directly use putty on internal walls before painting. For outer wall you may use nominal thickness plaster as an additional protection and finishing.

You can save Money, Time, Energy Costs in future. With Every block you use You PROTECT Environment, You Save Trees, It takes 100 Years to make 6 inches of SOIL Layer. It takes only 100 bricks to take it off. You save that, It will ensure Food security for ALL. By using Flyash you prevent greenhouse effect. We make Dream house only once. Right material D-lites for lifetime.