CLC Blocks

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Saves Money

Reduction in dead load

Substantial reduction in the dead-load of the structure. Saving of steel required for reinforcing foundations and the main structural elements.

Material Savings

D-lite blocks come in bigger sizes of 600 mm x 200 mm x 150 mm resulting in lesser quantum of mortar for jointing and requirement of lesser plaster thickness on exterior and interior due to its superior finish.

Save Energy

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Thermal Insulation

D - lite blocks increase thermal insulation substantially. Normal aggregate concrete has a specific thermal conductivity (Lambda) of 1.58 W/mK, compared to 0.83 for bricks and 0.27 only for 1,000kg/m3 cellular concrete.Thermal insulation of 100 mm thick CLC wall = 500mm dense concrete wall which is twelve times heavier.


CLC is remarkably eco friendly. It saves depletion of the top soil, reduces green house gases while at the same time it uses fly-ash (which is a waste from Thermal Power Plants and is also a major environmental hazard) as one of its constituents.

Fire Protection

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Water Resistant

Water absorbtion upto 12.5% only.

Ease of Handling

Building elements of CLC can be handled manually in larger dimensions (double size) in comparison with those of dense concrete thereby Saving LABOUR and TIME.

Earth Quake

D-lite products have proven earthquake resistance due to its light weight and porous structure. The structure has millions of tiny cells which cushions buildings from major force, preventing progressive collapse. Thus it saves lives and response time for rescue operations during earthquake

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